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—I am VERY excited to announce that I will be appearing at the Rittenhouse Square Barnes & Noble (1805 Walnut Street, Center City Philadelphia) on Sunday March 2 from 1 to 3.

I am donating 100 copies of my book and my time to this Christiana Hospital Charitable event, which will use A PORTRAIT IN TIME to try and solicit donations to the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center:

Please join us for a book-signing and launch of
A Portrait in Time
by Charles J. Schneider, M.D., FACP
Medical Oncologist, Medical Oncology Hematology Consultants
Helen F. Graham Cancer Center & Research Institute

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 | 4 p.m.
Helen F. Graham Cancer Center & Research Institute
Large Conference Room
Light Refreshments

Dr. Schneider’s debut novel, A Portrait in Time, is a murder mystery with art theft, romance
and an accidental time traveler. Dr. Schneider shared a love of literature with his
late father, Charles M. Schneider, a Graham Cancer Center patient,
to whom he has dedicated the book.

All attendees will receive a personalized and signed copy of A Portrait in Time.

Space is limited. To reserve your spot, please RSVP by
Tuesday, March 11, 2014 by clicking here.

—Here’s a link to the PRINT VERSION PRESS RELEASE (text is also copied and shown below!): Publishing releases “A Portrait in Time” by Charles J. Schneider

Inspired by classical art and literature, author Charles J. Schneider crafts “A Portrait in Time”—a thought-provoking psychological thriller with a riveting twist!

CHANDLER (AZ)—Brighton Publishing LLC is pleased to announce the print release of Charles J. Schneider’s masterful novel, “A Portrait in Time.” Driven by a passionate pursuit of culture and the humanities, author Charles J. Schneider teleports readers into the heart of sophistication and intrigue with one of the year’s most captivating novels. A Portrait in Time is currently distributed in print through Ingram, the world’s largest book distributor, and is available in both print and eBook format from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other leading book retailers worldwide. All Brighton Publishing titles are also available worldwide via the Espresso Book Machine.

Along the banks of the Seine River, amidst the frescoes and French masterpieces of the grand Paris Musée D’Orsay, “art” finds itself imitating both life…

…and death.

The museum’s main gallery would soon play host to an event more realistic—and tragic—than any scene painted by Masters Edgar Degas and Gustave Courbet, whose nude paintings were now being prepped for a special exhibit. Inexplicably, before the exhibit opens, a naked and distraught woman—and the grotesquely distorted corpse of an unidentified man—are discovered in the museum’s gallery.

After review, surveillance tapes reveal an unforeseen bombshell—the naked woman appears to be the museum’s own Assistant Director, Susanne Bruante. Inspecteur Michèle Crossier is soon brought in to lead the high profile case. Although perceptive and sharp-witted, Inspecteur Crossier uncovers little evidence to reveal the nature of the crime, or the identity of the unknown perpetrator—no clues, no witnesses, no trail. But ultimately, the investigation will reveal more than any of them ever imagined…

“Author Charles J. Schneider’s novel marches boldly into the rarified company of classic Sci-Fi works like, “The Time Traveler’s Wife” by Audrey Niffenegger and “Timeline” by Michael Crichton,” said Kathie McGuire, director of Brighton Publishing LLC. “Tailored by the brushstrokes of a master wordsmith, A Portrait in Time evokes timeless images and potent emotions fully capable of transcending conventional thought.”

Author and Medical Doctor Charles J. Schneider graduated from Wesleyan University in 1984 with a minor in Literature and Drama, and subsequently pursued a Medical Degree with a specialty in Oncology. Dr. Schneider is a practicing physician with numerous publications in medical textbooks and journals, and is credited with three published novels.



August 12, 2013

Brighton Publishing releases eBook version of,

“A Portrait in Time” by Charles Schneider

With the brushstrokes of a master wordsmith, author Charles J. Schneider constructs a dramatic multifaceted work of art—a sophisticated psychological thriller with a Sci-Fi twist.

CHANDLER (AZ)—Brighton Publishing LLC is pleased to announce the eBook release of Charles J. Schneider’s latest work, “A Portrait in Time.” As a student of art, culture, and history, author Charles J. Schneider’s current novel marches boldly into the rarefied air of dramatic works like, “A Traveller in Time” by Alison Uttley and, “By His Bootstraps” by Robert A. Heinlein. A Portrait in Time is currently available in all popular eBook formats from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other fine retailers with the print release scheduled for late-2013, to be distributed by Ingram, the world’s largest book wholesaler and On-demand from the Espresso Book Machine.

The main gallery of France’s epic Musée d’Orsay will soon become more realistic than any masterpiece hanging within its hallowed halls. When an unidentified man’s naked and crushed body is discovered, Inspecteur Michèle Crossier is brought in to lead the disturbing case. Although, perceptive and sharp-witted, Inspecteur Crossier uncovers little evidence to reveal the nature of the crime, or the identity of the unknown perpetrator—no clues, no witnesses, no trail.

Soon, though, a shocking discovery is found; surveillance video reveals the involvement of a naked woman—a woman who looks nearly identical to the museum’s own Assistant Director, Susanne Bruante. Susanne Bruante, a woman of impeccable taste and a sterling reputation in the art world, has a rock solid alibi—albeit one she is reluctant to share—an affair with the museum’s Executive Director. Susanne, now the prime suspect in a murder investigation, must pursue help from every angle if she is to resolve the situation. Soon, she enlists the help of an exboyfriend—a researcher in a unique field of study—time travel.

Eventually, Susanne finds herself harboring the mysterious naked woman, Nicole Bruante. Together, they must answer the most baffling of all questions: how a nude model from the 19th-Century was transported through time. Nicole comes to realize that her unusual situation has presented her with a fascinating choice: accept her life in this new era, or embrace a decision that will transport her back to her own time and…a certain death.

“Using his notable gift for prose, author Charles J. Schneider teleports readers into the heart of sophistication and the unquenchable flame of the human spirit,” said Kathie McGuire, director of Brighton Publishing LLC. “Revealing the vibrancy of life, A Portrait in Time captures the timeless and transcendent language of art, in words.”

Author and Medical Doctor Charles J. Schneider graduated from Wesleyan University in 1984 with a minor in Literature and Drama, and subsequently pursued a Medical Degree with a specialty in Oncology. Dr. Schneider is a practicing physician with numerous publications in medical textbooks and journals, and is credited with three published novels.



My father, Charles M. Schneider, was a scientist and a teacher by trade; but his real passion was writing. None of his stories were ever accepted for publication, which was a source of great disappointment for him, especially at the end of his life. He battled Non-Hodgkins lymphoma and won; but sadly, his two year fight against pancreatic cancer ended on December 15, 2008.

My father received outstanding care from physicians, nurses, technicians, Care Coordinators and countless of other professionals at the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center during his illness; and never once did he second guess his decision to stay at Christiana for every aspect of his care. It has been a decade since the doors of our beautiful state-of-the-art facility opened, changing the face of cancer care in the state of Delaware in ways that no one ever thought possible. The Helen F. Graham Cancer Center and Research Institute is now a nationally recognized cancer program with far-reaching affiliations ranging from the NCI to the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia, creating treatment opportunities for patients that have benefitted thousands, including my father.

Two days before he died, I told my father that my wish would be to write a story that would not only be popular, but would also be remembered as an important piece of literary fiction. When I told him this, he looked at me thoughtfully for a moment; and then he said, in the most matter-of-fact tone that one could imagine: “you will.” I guess I didn’t want to disappoint him, because soon after he died, I started writing “A Portrait In Time.”

For those of you who buy my fiction novel, you will see that it is dedicated to my father: the man who inspired me not only in my writing hobby, but in so many other aspects of my life. In his memory, and as a token of appreciation for the excellent care that he received at the Cancer Center, I will be donating a portion of my royalties from sales of ‘A Portrait In Time’ to the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center and Research Institute. In addition, over the next six months I will be participating in a variety of fund-raisers for the Center, whereby 100% of the proceeds generated from my book sales at these events will be turned over to the HFGCCRI.

Charles J. Schneider MD FACP

Author website:

‘A PORTRAIT IN TIME’ is a Brighton Publishing release, available now in ebook format and in print.

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