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Under the Forgotten Oak is a romantic fantasy adventure loosely based on the ancient Celtic legend of Oisin and Niamh. When Lan MacCamhail unexpectedly inherits an estate and a multi-million dollar legacy overseas, he hopes this stroke of good fortune will give him the opportunity to leave behind his disappointing life in the States, and make a fresh start in Ireland. Instead, the execution of his estranged father’s Last Will and Testament sets in motion a journey of dangerous yet romantic self realization that will change his life—as well as the future and destiny of two intertwined planets—forever. His saga, mirrored by his father’s strangely similar story from three decades earlier, takes a sinister turn when dark forces intervene. He is guided in his quest by the memories of his father; his newfound love, the beautiful Larne attorney Sidney McVie; an ancient shape-shifter, known as Bran, the Raven; and the spiritual guardians of another world.

Conceived as a genre spanning mythological fantasy, moving multilayered romance, thought-provoking philosophical allegory, and exciting paranormal fairy tale, Under the Forgotten Oak is a carefully crafted literary adventure where the reader will learn to expect the unexpected.  Under the Forgotten Oak will stretch the boundaries of the imagination in a creative lettered journey exploring the concepts of love, honor, and selfless sacrifice. (180 pages)



James Broussard, a Professor of Anthropology and Mythology at Yale, finds himself irresistibly drawn to Cytherea Sagapo, the author of an obscure treatise on the legend of Adonis and Aphrodite. The humble elementary school teacher, who lives in Paphos, Cyprus, reveals to James that she has written other manuscripts; and the curious professor decides to try and recruit her for the graduate program at his own university. As he learns more about the mysterious Cytherea through email correspondence, he imagines that she may in fact be his life’s very own Aphrodite; and, with a single-minded romantic purpose, he decides to visit her and meet Cytherea face to face. When he arrives, it seems clear that Cytherea is actually the real Aphrodite—and that he, surprisingly, may be the reincarnation of her one and only true love, Adonis.

Cytherea is a witty and clever romantic fantasy that features contemporary portrayals of the ancient deities set in modern day. This novella, which spans genres, will appeal to lovers of paranormal fiction, fantasy, and romance alike.  (89 pages)



Islay—an island kingdom in the Inner Hebrides, Scotland—is the setting for this tightly plotted tale of passion, witchcraft, and thwarted vengeance that begins and ends in the highest room of Dunyvaig Castle’s tower. With Tower and Turrets, Crowned takes place during a six hour time span, in the dead of winter in 1143—and relies on recollections, flashbacks, and dreams to tell a story that actually began three years earlier. 

Rhian MacDomhnuill is a powerful Gaelic warlord who falls in love with Gwyneth, a beautiful and sultry peasant maiden. Rather than marrying Gwyneth, Rhian is sadly coerced into a politically expedient union instead—with Sif, an Icelandic princess who, unbeknown to Rhian, has a dark and evil soul. Gwyneth, whose heart is broken, finds a way to reunite with Rhian as a servant in his castle. When Sif learns of her husband’s rekindled passion with his former lover, she becomes intent on revenge; and her malice takes a form that is not only unexpected, but also unnatural and terrifying.

Rhian must ultimately face his destiny as he fights the greatest physical and emotional battle of his life, at the summit of his castle’s soaring tower. Based loosely on an old Scottish legend, With Tower and Turrets, Crowned is a historically based fantasy that combines elements of romantic fiction and the supernatural in an adventure filled with intrigue, seduction, and magic. (108 pages)

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  1. I just finished “Under the Forgotten Oak” and the review I left….
    Breathtaking-5 stars
    A exquisite story weaved together with such care and imagination! I wanted the journey to go one forever! Thank you Dr. Schneider for another beautiful journey!

  2. I have always been a fan of Greek mythology and Cytherea aloud my imagination to take the tales I’ve always enjoyed to a whole new level! It was fun and exciting and I couldn’t stop reading although I didn’t want it to end! Thank you again Dr. Schneider!

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