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Welcome! I am the author of A PORTRAIT IN TIME, a Brighton Publishing release, available in digital and paperback formats from most major on-line retailers


Fiction author Charles J. Schneider

“My most treasured memories of childhood involve books: riding my bicycle to the bookstore in sixth grade to buy Dickens, London, Dumas, and Poe; sitting under my favorite tree in the summertime at my grandmother’s house in Millbrook NY reading Tolkien, Lewis, Asimov, and Heinlein; and lying awake at night, the bedside lamp on, enjoying just one more chapter of Fowles, Barth, Conrad, and Verne.

My love of the written word extended well beyond childhood. I received a well-rounded education with a focus on Literature, History and the Classics while studying at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts; followed by a comprehensive Liberal Arts experience at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. I discovered my love for Science during those years; and although I eventually pursued a Medical Degree from The University of Chicago rather than a writing career, I recall with nostalgia my passion for Literature and the Arts in high school and in college. At Andover, my favorite courses involved novels, poems and drama; and at Wesleyan, my electives were always literary. Shakespeare, Marlow, O’Neill, Williams, and Ibsen took the slots that were not occupied by Darwin, Watson, and Crick—and so, I graduated with a Major in Biology and a Minor in Literature in 1984.

I never took a course in creative writing; but the years of medical writing and publishing, along with a continued interest in reading fiction in my spare time, eventually evolved into something that has admittedly become more than just a hobby.”

Dr. Schneider is a practicing oncologist at Medical Oncology Hematology Consultants located at the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center (Christiana Care Health Services Campus) in Newark, Delaware. He lives with his family in Landenberg, PA.

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